Engineering and Consulting Services

We offer cutting-edge engineering and consulting services for various industries, covering project planning, design, and implementation.


Our expertise includes renewable energy projects, sustainable strategies, carbon footprint assessments, and offset assessments for businesses looking to enhance their ESG performance.


Additionally, we provide plant operation, maintenance, repair, inspection, pre- commissioning, and commissioning services to ensure the smooth functioning of our clients projects.

Renewable Energy Production and Distribution

At symergy, we are committed to harnessing the potential of renewable energy sources to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

Through advanced bio-conversion, torrefaction,
gasification, and pyrolysis processes, we produce renewable energies such as biogas, compressed biogas (CBG), renewable natural gas, and hydrogen from various organic inputs and natural renewable sources.


Our renewable products also encompass organic
fertilizers, biopesticides, bio- insect repellents, bio-stimulants, plant growth promoters, organic
manure, cattle feed, freeze-dried edibles, and dairy products.


We develop agriculture and horticulture farms, cattle houses, and cold storages to further strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

Natural and Organic Products Manufacturing and Trading


Symergy is dedicated to promoting a healthier and low carbon footprint lifestyle through the production, processing, logistics, and trading of natural and organic products.

Our range includes food, personal care, and home care items that adhere to stringent quality control standards.

To encourage the widespread adoption of natural and organic products, we conduct extensive research and development in this field.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we provide consultancy, training, and support services to individuals, businesses, and governments seeking to adopt eco-friendly practices.


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